Our role is to gather objective customer feedback through marketing
research to unlock unique and profitable insights.

Why the voice of the customer?

It provides you with real power and facts to transform your business. It is compelling and unarguable – it is the roadmap that directs the focus of your business strategy and sales growth. It also cuts through the white noise of the commercial process and bypasses organizational filters to get to the essence of what is really happening.

The success of your business will be defined by what your customers think about your product, brand, marketing approach, and strategy.


We ensure the voice of the customer is listened to and explained from the perspective
of achieving your business goals.

Industry and Competitor Analysis
— Third Party Desk Research

Leaving no stone unturned, Seefeld Group takes a disciplined and thoughtful approach to finding and summarizing existing analysis performed on your business sector. We perform a thorough review of your own sales and marketing research data, competitors’ marketing material, media articles and independent studies by industry associations and think tanks. This valuable homework yields a clear picture about customer needs and how competitors are responding.

Executive Interviews and Focus Groups
— Qualitative Research

Using tailored questions to get direct results, Seefeld Group conducts one-on-one executive interviews, as well as focus groups. By getting answers straight from the source and presenting insights with clarity, deeper truths will be uncovered to help your company to either find new opportunities to develop your business or successfully overcome obstacles.

Customer Satisfaction and Perception Surveys
— Quantitative Research

We build and execute professional surveys designed around your key business questions. You will see among whom and at what level is the comparative strength and perception of your brand, product offering and its selling messages. Our customized surveys are designed to evaluate your company’s performance in the eyes of your customers and sales prospects and can be used for benchmarking over time. Customers will appreciate being listened to.

Brand, Marketing and Sales Development

Through our use of strategy techniques and facilitation, we enable businesses to fully leverage the voice of the customer to guide their journey towards the required actions for success. We create tailored marketing plans and business development strategies that aim to increase customer satisfaction, focus brand and product positioning, and strengthen sales messages. By interpreting and strategizing, your company will benefit from business and sector forecasting, increased customer retention, and a higher ROI.

Forecasting and Demand Modelling

By integrating data gathered from multiple internal and public sources, we build realistic scenarios projecting sales for your industry sector and for your company. We unbiasedly understand and manipulate the key drivers impacting sales revenue to accurately model the market conditions which create sales variability. This enables you to see and assess the relative impact over time of potential game changers, so that you can best manage risk and make data driven business decision to support your product planning and development.

Our Market Research Capabilities Include:

Market Opportunity Research

  • Unmet buyer needs and new concept research
  • Business environment and stakeholder research
  • Competitor analysis and brand positioning
  • Market feasibility and sizing analysis
  • Go To Market research

Customer & Segmentation Research

  • Customer persona research
  • Customer needs and pain points
  • Market segmentation research
  • Usage and attitudinal research
  • Customer journey research

Brand, Value Proposition & Sales

Messaging Research

  • Brand health tracking
  • Value proposition analysis
  • Message resonance testing
  • Brand equity research
  • Advertising analysis
  • Brand awareness research
  • Brand perception research

Product & Service Offering Research

  • UX and customer satisfaction research
  • Concept testing
  • Product validation
  • Product launch evaluation
  • Product positioning
  • Product pricing and demand curve analysis