See Our Work in Action

Client Sat Survey Focuses Towards Service Excellence

For one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious law firms, we measured satisfaction among its top clients. Findings identified new priority areas to build on its excellent service to better stand out versus competition.

Client Interviews Lead to Better Messaging

A key division of a large globally integrated oil and gas company now better understands how its products and services are seen versus competitors worldwide. Product brand positioning and sales messages were sharpened as a result of an extensive world-wide interview, survey and statistical analysis process.

Member Satisfaction Survey Focuses Aerospace Industry Efforts

Quebec’s diverse aerospace cluster needed to closer align industry support activities toward wide ranging member needs. Our multifaceted program of executive interviews, focus groups and surveys worldwide, data analysis yielded clear direction.

Global Client Sat Study Strengthens Service Offering and Brand Reputation

One of the world’s leading aviation services company reviewed its marketing and global customer service priorities. Leveraging tailored surveys asked of a large sample of current and potential clients worldwide, our data analysis and facilitation yielded clear direction and actionable recommendations which were implemented via a new corporate identity and a renewed focus on worldwide service consistency.

Business Development Market Analysis

For one of Canada’s largest grocers, we identified innovative opportunities to compete among a new and growing sub-segment of shoppers. We rapidly undertook an in-depth focused review of successful sector trends from around the world. With Canadian shoppers desiring to improve what they eat, we found ways to win market share in a fragmented and demanding industry by better serving their nutritional and emotional needs.

Updating Brand Value Proposition to Address Unmet Customer Needs

The world’s largest dedicated financier of business aircraft sought client feedback to reinforce its value proposition and further differentiate its service offering via a new brand identity. Surprisingly, we found that customers see the financing of multi-million dollar aircraft differently than conventional wisdom often suggests. Via executive interviews and surveys conducted across the globe, the voice of the customer has facilitated a clarification and rethinking of brand purpose and value proposition.

Brand Health Tracking and Analysis

Several world recognized brands in highly specialized business sectors recognize the need to bring an objective and actionable measurement of their reputation and differentiation versus key competitors on key metrics.  On an ongoing annual basis, Seefeld Group conducts a global survey of their markets and performs integrated and detailed analysis of results.  Our work provides clear and actionable strategic direction which is then directly applied to become more impactful brand communications, new marketing campaigns and specific commercial initiatives to address unmet market needs.

A Better Path to Market

A leading boutique firm specializing in international trade law needed to find ways to stand out in an extremely crowded, non-differentiated and sometimes poorly perceived industry (due to perception of high fees and excessive billing). Through one-on-one client interviews and an exhaustive review of industry best practices, we identified how the firm could meaningfully differentiate and offer superior added value versus large international firms.