Seefeld Group is a marketing research and strategy consultancy
dedicated to enabling optimal business performance and revenue growth
by aligning business strategy and activities with real customer needs.

Seefeld Group launches Precision Insight in partnership with Seneca Rocks Consulting – a novel approach aligning brands with quality sales prospects.
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Helping you succeed with tailored marketing research services

Executive interviews and focus
groups — Qualitative research

We gather unvarnished and objective feedback to explain what is driving customer behavior and how you can leverage this to enhance business performance… READ MORE >

Customer satisfaction and
perception surveys —
Quantitative research

We collect data to enable an objective evaluation of market size, product appeal, and can determine the optimal profile of customers who will most appreciate what you sell… READ MORE >

Industry and competitor analysis

We find the most important drivers of your industry performance and what customers are seeking from your company and competitors… READ MORE >

Brand, marketing and sales development

We translate customer feedback into viable recommendations for new product offerings enhanced selling messages, and highly effective brand communications… READ MORE >

Forecasting and demand modelling

We quantify your sales potential both in the short and long term to assist you in monetizing opportunities and evaluating potential threats… READ MORE >

Value proposition development

We use targeted marketing research results to develop accurate and effective value propositions to help differentiate your business and develop a sound foundation for your brand and product marketing and communications needs… READ MORE >

Who We Serve

Bringing the Voice of the Customer excellence to many industries, such as...

Aerospace and
Business Aviation

Consumer Goods
and Retail

Legal Industry



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